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We are an established grooming shop in the heart of Arcadia since 1995 starting off with a simple 750 square feet Shop on Baldwin Ave. We are now in our 20th successful year of business.

It has since flourished into a 1400 square feet pet haven, which offers a wide array of services and products under one roof.



Expertise and

Snowball Pet Boutique hopes to obtain a "One stop shop" concept for all your pet grooming and accessory needs.

For the busy pet owners, snowball has a team of certified and experience pet groomers on hand to tend to your pet's needs.

Snowball  Pet  Boutique

Our motto -

 "We pamper and love all breed of dogs with the fullest attention and care with hugs!" You can trust us to give your pet and enjoyable experience because we love your dogs too! We are committed to giving your dog a save and caring service.


“用愛來呵護及擁抱您的愛犬"可以絕 對的相信及放心的將您的寵物交給我們 ,因為我們會視它為我們家人一樣的呵 護及照顧而來提供最優質的服務。

我們提供“一站式"服務,舉凡有關您 親愛的寵物所須要的一切用品,食物等 我們都為您準備也提供諮詢服務。

我們也有一群擁有認證及豐富經驗的 寵物美容師,來為您親愛的寶貝提供 最優質的服務享受。

Snowball Pet Boutique         626.574.5780       200 S. First  Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91006        Mon - Sat  9: 00 am - 6: 00 pm   Sunday Closed
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